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Jury verdicts reflect the determination by a jury of the amount of any damages that should be awarded to each plaintiff in a civil action. The trial court generally issues a judgment that enforces the jury verdict. The plaintiff is entitled to collect interest on a judgment until it is paid.

To some extent, a jury verdict may reflect how effectively and persuasively the evidence and arguments were presented by the attorneys at trial. However, jury deliberations are confidential and a verdict is based on how a particular jury perceives the case. This firm cannot determine the impact of specific factors, including our own performance, on a jury verdict.

Furthermore, jury verdicts do not show the final resolution of a case. A jury verdict may be reversed on appeal. The parties may compromise after a jury verdict to avoid the time and expense of an appeal. A trial judge may have some authority to increase or reduce a jury verdict. The parties may reach a settlement agreement that is partially based on the outcome of a motion to reduce the verdict or an appeal.

The articles depicted herein are independent publications relating to jury verdicts, appeals and community service. The Howard Law Firm does not guarantee, verify or assure the accuracy of any particular facts cited in these articles. For example, the article on O’Neal v. Georgia Osteopathic Hospital does not accurately state the amount of the jury verdict.

Arrested in Cobb with a felony

I got into a sticky situation where i was with this guy and he had a lot of weed in his car and being in Cobb county and me not knowing that amount of weed that was in the car got us both arrested for the first time with felonies Another attorney directed us to Leif and he got my case dismissed right away literally after a couple weeks he got it done and i am so grateful i was crying the whole time he was telling me he got it dismissed he’s fast and he gets the job done and he’s definitely the person you wanna hire for these situations thank you mr Howard i really appreciate it

Posted by anonymous
December 11, 2019

Professional & Hardball

Mr. Leif Howard is part of the Dynamic Howard Law Firm! He was attentive and proficient in the handling of my case. He plays hardball and will go to bat in fairness for his clients. I was always informed about the status of my case and what to expect. Leif was concise and always included me on any decisions made on my behalf. I would definitely recommend the Howard Law Firm!

Posted by Consuelo
July 19, 2019

Amazing Truly Amazing

I had 3 charges including a DUI charge, Leif not only saved me the hassle of going to court, he got all charges dropped and got the DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving, on top of that he was very professional, and just a pleasure to have him represent me.


Posted by anonymous
March 04, 2019
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Exceptional Lawyer

Attorney Howard handled everything for me. I only had to come in to handle documentation and he kept me abreast with my case. Thank you!

Posted by anonymous
October 03, 2019

My Dream Team!!!

Mr. Howard and his Dream Team took over my case when my previous attorney hinted that I should plea to a lesser charge. Not only did the Howard Firm spearhead my defense, I was found NOT GUILTY of ALL charges. Thank you Howard Firm, you gave me back my life!!!!

Posted by Venice
November 30, 2016

Attorney James Howard is Exceptional

I hired Attorney Howard to defend me in a case in which I was wrongly accused. I was facing felony charges with a maximum of 30 years of incarceration. Attorney Howard was extremely knowledgable and proactive in defending me. With his defense all charges were dropped and I have been able to resume my regular life.

I recommend Attorney James W. Howard based not only on the great work that he did on my case but also for his responsiveness, expertise, patience, and empathy.

Posted by Kevin
August 19, 2015
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Excellent lawyer

Mrs. Howard was very professional and caring. She kept us update on our case, and anything that we weren’t clear on she took the time to make sure we understood everything. She listened to our concerns. No question was too small .we were always given options.consisent efforts were always applied to our case..We thank the Howard Law Firm for all their support.

Posted by anonymous
October 03, 2019

Professional & Wonderful Lawyer

I was recommended to the Howard Law Firm by a co-worker and I’m glad that I chose them! Mrs. Howard was attentive, pleasant, and thorough in explaining the process of handling my case. She and her Staff kept me abreast every step of the way! Although, she handles multiple clients I always felt that I was special as if my case was the only one at the time whenever I spoke with her.

Posted by Consuelo
July 18, 2019

I felt like family when I came here

They Handled my case fast and I was satisfied with my service. I would recommend all my family and friends for this company

Posted by Xzavier
June 29, 2019
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