The Howard Law Firm

About Us

The Howard Law Firm provides quality legal representation in a broad spectrum of criminal prosecutions and civil claims based on negligence, fraud, malicious prosecution, employment, or contract disputes. The vast majority of the firm’s civil clients are individuals who are severely injured or damaged by the negligence of other people or the misconduct of corporations.

The Howard Law Firm is a small firm dedicated to providing personal attention to a limited number of individual and corporate clients. The firm maintains the resources and expertise to address complex legal problems through a small firm environment. As a result, our clients consistently receive detailed information and a clear understanding of their legal options to achieve outstanding results.

The Howard Law Firm routinely litigates against some of the largest law firms in the Southeast. In 1987, the Howards received a substantial jury verdict in O’Neal v. Georgia Osteopathic Hospital – their first medical malpractice trial against the second-largest law firm in Georgia. In 1998, The Howard Law Firm received a $3,800,000 jury verdict in Blake v. General Motors Corp. – our first products liability trial against the largest law firm in Georgia. In 1999, the firm received a $1,425,000 jury verdict in a medical malpractice trial against the largest law firm in Rome, Georgia – the largest medical malpractice verdict ever obtained in that jurisdiction. In 2015, the firm received a $1,800,000 verdict in a premises liability trial against a huge corporation represented by a large Atlanta firm.

In criminal cases, the firm’s practice is primarily focused on representing defendants charged with serious felonies. Firm attorneys have conducted more than 100 criminal jury trials in the state and federal courts. We have successfully defended clients charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses, including murder, drug trafficking, rape, aggravated assault, Medicaid fraud, kidnapping, theft, extortion and armed robbery. We have successfully challenged inadmissible evidence in several courts. Although many cases have gone to trial, we also emphasize our proven ability to negotiate fair sentences and the dismissal of unjustified criminal charges.

Although the firm prepares for litigation, we recognize that a client’s interests are best served by minimizing the time and expense of protracted legal disputes. Aggressive litigation is often the most efficient path to resolving a legal claim. For example, we successfully prevented the criminal prosecution of false charges against an innocent schoolteacher by aggressively defending him in a school board proceeding. Many other criminal charges have been dismissed or reduced through effective representation at preliminary hearings. The firm always seeks the earliest opportunity to resolve a client’s case through negotiation or mediation.

The overwhelming majority of the firm’s clients are referred by former clients or other attorneys. The firm’s reputation is based on our strong commitment and diligent efforts to consistently achieve the best result for each individual client.