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Arrested in Cobb with a felony

I got into a sticky situation where i was with this guy and he had a lot of weed in his car and being in Cobb county and me not knowing that amount of weed that was in the car got us both arrested for the first time with felonies Another attorney directed us to Leif and he got my case dismissed right away literally after a couple weeks he got it done and i am so grateful i was crying the whole time he was telling me he got it dismissed he’s fast and he gets the job done and he’s definitely the person you wanna hire for these situations thank you mr Howard i really appreciate it

Posted by anonymous
December 11, 2019

Professional & Hardball

Mr. Leif Howard is part of the Dynamic Howard Law Firm! He was attentive and proficient in the handling of my case. He plays hardball and will go to bat in fairness for his clients. I was always informed about the status of my case and what to expect. Leif was concise and always included me on any decisions made on my behalf. I would definitely recommend the Howard Law Firm!

Posted by Consuelo
July 19, 2019

Amazing Truly Amazing

I had 3 charges including a DUI charge, Leif not only saved me the hassle of going to court, he got all charges dropped and got the DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving, on top of that he was very professional, and just a pleasure to have him represent me.


Posted by anonymous
March 04, 2019

Great family law firm

Very efficient and considerate, a pleasure to work with will refer friends and family. Keep me notified and updated.

Posted by Craig
February 06, 2019

Great Law firm

Friendly lawyers, personable. They kept us in the loop. Efficient staff. Appreciated the thorough preparation of all documents. Will refer friends and family.

Posted by Carolyn
February 06, 2019

I wouldn’t choose any other attorney

I was facing a felony Theft by Receiving charge, that carried a TEN YEARS prison sentence. My first lawyer kept saying things like “I know I can win this case IN TRIAL.” TRIAL??? My life was spiraling out of control and as a single mother, I couldn’t afford to risk my freedom in a trial, let alone pay for one. Then a friend recommended Mr. Howard, ensuring me that if he was ever in a bind, Leif would be the only lawyer he would choose. After meeting Leif, I can only agree. During our first encounter, Leif sprung into action, attempting to contact the DA during our consultation. He was determined to do everything possible to prove my innocence. The wheels of justice can be slow, but Leif was very reassuring and kept me calm throughout the whole process. My first attorney was preparing to take my case to trial; Leif was able to get my WARRANT THROWN OUT! He not only save my Nursing License, but he also saved my family’s way of life. I am truly blessed to have had Leif Howard as my attorney, fighting for my innocence… fighting for my life.

Posted by Angela
October 07, 2018

Great Attorney

After having a bad experience with a previous attorney, Leif assured me he would take care of me and he did. From day one, after our consultation, he had started working diligently on my case. I was so surprise to receive a call from him, the same day, after our initial meeting, with a better deal. Leif settled my aching heart and put me at ease. That’s when I knew I was in good hands… Throughout the whole process, I was kept informed. Leif is a man of his word. And I truly recommend his services. Thank you Leif for all you have done for me!!!!!

Posted by anonymous
April 08, 2017

Car Accident Case

Leif helped me get money for my medical bills and pain and suffering because of the injuries I suffered in a car accident that was not my fault. He was able to get a great amount for recovery. I told him that the amount was acceptable but that I needed it as soon as possible bc I was going out of town. Not only was he able to get me the money before I went out of town but he was able to increase the recovery even more before settling. I would recommend him and his firm, The Howard Law Firm, P.C. if you were in a situation like mine.

Posted by Bjar
March 16, 2017

Great Help!

I knew I needed help with my case so I asked my father for a reference. He called up some of his legal contacts and they recommended Lief Howard. I was very satisfied with the results of my case. His always kept me informed on all updates whenever he made a move in my behalf and I genuinely feel he always had my best interest in mind. If I had to recommend a lawyer to anyone I would recommend Mr. Howard without a doubt.

Posted by Nicholas
September 01, 2016

Excellent representation

He always from day one had my son’s best interest at heart. He always kept us up to date on the case. If I had questions I could call him and ask. He was a step ahead of the case and he gave us recommendations. He told us our options and what was best for us. In the end we got the best results and my family thanks you. I would recommend you to anyone I come across that needs a true defendor of justice. God bless you in all you do. Thanks from my heart.

Posted by Palma Hinds
July 16, 2016